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Editorial Board
Editor In Chief
Prof. C.C. Onochie
Department of Applied Microbiology
Nnamdi Azikwe University, Awka

Submission of Manuscripts
The author(s) should submit an original and one copy of the manuscript to the Editor-in-Chief, P. O. Box 3732, Enugu, Nigeria. Submission of a paper will be held to imply that it contains unpublished original material and that it is not being considered for publication elsewhere. The submitting author must ensure that all other named authors have seen and approved the manuscript before submission. Manuscripts should be accompanied with an assessment fee of N4000.00 or $20.00. Although this journal is international in its scope, all articles must be in English Language. Potential contributors whose first language is not English are strongly urged to have their manuscript very carefully checked before submission. Papers which are poorly prepared may be rejected.

Preparation of Manuscripts
Manuscripts must be typed double-spaced on A4 size paper leaving margins of 2.5cm minimum. Beginning with the title page, number pages consecutively at the bottom. The first page must give: title of paper, names and addresses of authors; a short title for running heads; author to whom correspondence should be addressed must be indicated. The second page should be Abstract, plus title. The paper will then begin on the third page.

This should be about 200 words. Authors should write the abstract as concisely as possible conveying the essential information of the paper. References are not to be cited. Abbreviations, if used, must be defined.

This should state objectives of the work set against a background of existing and relevant information. A detailed summary of the result of work is not needed.

Materials and Methods
Sufficient detail should be provided to enable others to repeat the work. Exact descriptions of protocols are not needed when standard procedures are being used. Sub-headings are used to itemize the main parts

Results and Discussion
These sections may be separated though authors may find it easier to combine them. Results must give those details which are essential for the advancement of knowledge. When results are given in tables and figures it is unnecessary for these results to be described in detail within the text. The reproducibility of findings must be clearly stated. Statistical analysis of results must specify the procedure being used with a reference being given. Discussion should bring out those essential points of the work that the author considers others will need to know. It should not repeat or re-describe the results of the paper.

References in the text are cited as Black & White(1991) or (Black & White, 1991). A series of references in the text should appear in chronological order, e.g. White (1992). References having three or more authors are cited Black et al. (1992). References to paper by the same authors in the same year are distinguished by letters a, b, etc (e.g. 1989, 1991a, b). Publications having no obvious authors are cited as Anon. (1990) in the text and bibliography. At the end of the paper, references are listed alphabetically. The author must ensure that references cited in the text agree with those listed in the bibliography.

In Journals
Adewumi, B.A. & Oduniyi, A.I. (1999). Design fabrication and testing of a charcoal fueled incubator. Journal of Applied Sciences. 2(1): 159 – 175. Otah, A.Y. (1999) Incidence of multiple antibiotic resistance strains of enterotoxigenic Staphylococcus aureus from canned food. Journal of Science, Engineering and Technology. 6(2): 1612-1628.

In Books
Primrose, S.B. (1987). Modern Biotechnology. Oxford: Blackwell Scientific Publications. Williams, R.J. & Lansford, E.M. (1967). Encyclopedia of Biochemistry. –pp. 966 – 968, New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold. Conference proceedings should only be cited as books if they possess an ISSN Number.

Tables should be comprehensible without reference to the text and should be supplied with an informative heading and appropriate legends and footnotes. Each table must be double-space typed without vertical ruled lines on a separate sheet. Tables are numbered with Arabic numerals. Tables will be usually printed at single column (8.5cm) width.

Figures should be selected to illustrate points which cannot be easily made in the text. They are numbered with Arabic numerals. Graphs and diagrams should be on separate sheets each bearing the authors names, short title of paper and figure number on the back. Diagrams must be drawn and lettered in black ink on good quality white paper or acetate for camera-ready use. Lettering should be parallel to the axes. Photocopies, hand-drawn diagrams and typewritten labels are not acceptable. Authors must ensure that figures are reduced to a single column width (approx. 8.5cm); figures drawn larger than this are not acceptable. Graphs should avoid as for as possible large area of unused space. Photographs should be well-contrasted black and white prints, unmounted and suitable for reproduction at 8.5cm (single column) width or in some cases 17cm (full page) width. Non-essential parts of photographs must be cut off.

Units, Abbreviations and Nomenclature
Only recommended SI units should be used. Authors may use either superscript presentation (mg ml-1) or the solidus presentation (mg/ml). Whatever style is used this must be consistent throughout the paper. Chemical and biochemical nomenclature should follow the IUPAC-IUB commission guidelines.

The Journal
A copy of the journal is supplied free of charge. Additional copies can be ordered at cost price.
Advertising Rates
Full page N13,000 ($40)
Half page #8,000 ($20)


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