Stage Fright

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                                                                      ABOUT THE NOVEL

Some people are afraid of speaking in the public. This is known as stage fright. It is Ifeanyi’s problem. Ifeatu a fellow student whose father is a Clinical Psychologist helped him through information received from his father Professor Morgan on how to overcome stage fright.


                                        WHY YOU SHOULD READ MIND MENDER SERIES

EDWIN IFEATU MORAH is a practising psychotherapist for over thirty years. In the course of this, he has worked with adolescents going through various emotional and psychological problems. These experiences have now been written for the benefit of other adolescents. Adults may also obtain useful information. It is written in simple forms to attract the interest of the readers. You are spared a lot of psychological jargon. This however, does not reduce the MIND MENDING the book is supposed to serve.


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