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Ojiugo is a story about a couple, Ojiugo and Obiesie who loved and respected each other. They would been very happy but for their childlessness. Nevertheless, Obiesie loved his wife enough to patiently wait for a child to come at its own time.

Later, Ojiugo started having strange dreams. At first, it was attributed to her anxiety over her childlessness until it persisted. In her dreams the same man with a 7 year-old girl kept appearing to her. He addressed Ojiugo as his wife. The 7 year-old girl with him was their daughter. He wanted Ojiugo back to the River-Kingdom or Obiesie’ life would be taken.  From enquiries it was it was discovered that Ojiugo was a River Queen. Following this discovery many events began to take place. Would Ojiugo return to the River-Kingdom to save her husband’s life?

About The Author

Chimdi Chuke-Okosa (nee Ekwerekwu) is a medical doctor. She is currently a Professor of Ophthalmic Surgery with the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH) Enugu. She is a mother of two and a devout Christian.


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