Journal Of Science Engineering And Technology (Coming Soon)

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Editorial Board
Editor In Chief
Prof. C.C. Onochie
Department of Applied Microbiology
Nnamdi Azikwe University, Awka

An assessment fee of four thousand naira (N4000) or twenty Us dollars (US $20.00) only should accompany each article submitted. Articles not accompanied by the assessment shall not be processed. Bank drafts should be in favour of Prof. C.C. Onochie. Two copies of each manuscript must be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief, P.O. Box 3732, Enugu. The paper must be typed with double spacing throughout including references, tables, footnotes, figure legend etc. on A4 size paper leaving margins of 2.5cm minimum. Manuscripts must be in English and clearly and concisely written Manuscripts are accepted with the understanding that they represent original unpublished material that is not being considered for publication elsewhere and that all persons listed as authors have their approval for the submission of the paper. The title should be concise, specific and explain the nature of the work. This is followed by the author’s initial and surname, and the name of the institution where the work was done. Provide an abstract (160 – 200) words reporting concisely the information within the text. The S.I system should be used for all data. All abbreviations should be spelled out when first used in the text. Tables should be typed on separate sheets and have a concise heading each. They are to be numbered sequentially by Roman numbers. All tables must fit into A4 size paper while allowing a margin of at least one inch all round. Poorly prepared table will not be accepted. Good quality glossy paper of halftone illustration and clear line drawing in Indian ink are accepted. Graphs and diagrams should be on separate sheets each bearing the author’s names, short title of paper and figure number on the back. The figures are to be numbered sequentially by Arabic number e.g. Fig. 2 Authors must ensure that all details on their figures will remain legible when the figures are reduced to fit the printed page. Cite only essential references. They should be arranged in numerical sequence as cited in the text, where the numbers appear (in parenthesis) with or without the author’s name e.g. Onochie (1), Odibo and Oyeka (2). Abbreviate journal titles as in Chemical Abstracts or Biological Abstracts THERE ARE PAGE CHARGES. A copy of the journal is supplied free of charge. Additional copies can be ordered at cost price including postage. Subscription and advertisement rates can be obtained from the Editor-in-Chief. Manuscripts that substantially depart from the given format will be returned to the authors before being sent out for scientific review.


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